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Certified Printer for Prescription Pads!

An updated state law passed in 2017, Minuteman Press Olympia is an approved vendor for temper resistant prescription pads. We follow all of the regulations found in (RCW 18.64.500)  

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While many may be familiar with fungi, they may not know that these important organisms are all around them. Olympia residents are invited to lace up their hiking shoes and be part of a walk that has been planned for this fall, and it will give insight into this often hidden world.

It is anticipated that climate change may impact forests in the Pacific Northwest, and an upcoming conference will address this issue.

An event that will bring some holiday cheer to families at Joint Base LewisMcChord ( JBLM) will see riders take to the highway this September. It is being offered through the support of the Brothers in Arms Motorcycle Club, and all local motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to participate.

Making pastry at home may sound like a complicated process, but those who take a seat in a workshop that will be offered in Olympia may just find it is as easy as pie.

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