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Booklets are great for bundling information together and presenting it in a professional way. Creating a booklet involves creating page spreads and folding them around each other; they are then Saddle Stitched, meaning that two staples are placed along the fold. They are then trimmed down to make sure the pages are even.

You can choose a cover stock for your booklet cover, or you can choose to do a Self Cover, meaning that it will be a text weight paper like the booklet pages.

Because the pages are actually spreads folded around each other, the print-ready file will need several important features: 

1. Pages will be placed in a spread in such an arrangement that will allow them to end up in correct numerical order once the pages are folded and bound into a saddle-stitched booklet.The formatting of these pages is done through a process called Bookletizing.

2. The overall pages must be in multiples of 4 (Each sheet that is double sided will have two spreads printed on it, for a total of four pages once it's folded)

Our in-house designer can do the set up for you if you feel unsure! Be sure to mention that when you're requesting a quote.

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