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We can print and design labels, stickers, and decals! Take a look at our digital samples to the right for some ideas on styles. Below are a brief description of our products, as well as some terminology.

Contour Cutting: The process by which a fine blade is used by a machine to cut specific shapes (As defined by cut lines that have been placed into the artwork) When used on label stock, the blade applies just enough pressure to cut the adhesive layer without cutting the backing. The labels will then need to be Weeded, meaning that we will peel the excess adhesive material that runs in between the labels.

Square Cut: Pretty much what it sounds like. Labels cut with this method will be either rectangular or square.


Decals: Our decals are printed on a heavy duty adhesive vinyl that is weather resistant. Pricing includes contour cutting and weeding.

Vinyl labels: These are labels that have been printed on a lightweight adhesive vinyl. They're water resistant and are best suited for labeling products that will need to endure the elements. Available in glossy or matte. Pricing includes contour cutting and weeding.

Square Cut Labels/Stickers: General label stock; essentially is an adhesive paper. This is a good option for labeling products that aren't expected to get wet or endure too much wear and tear.  Comes in glossy and matte. Pricing includes cutting.       

Pre Contour Cut Labels: Sometimes referred to as "Pre Die-cut". Label stock that has been pre-cut; common shapes are rectangular and circular. This is the most economical solution, but choices are limited to what we have in stock.

Label Sheets: For clients who wish to avoid cutting costs we can do sheets of uncut labels. Be sure that this is specified when you're requesting a quote!

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